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Laser loop labels

Loop labels for your laser printer! Loop labels can be found here to print with your own laser printer. Weatherproof, suitable for outdoor use.

Laser loop labels Laser loop labels Laser loop labels
Loop labels for your laser printer

Size:1,9 x 21cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-19210-0

Loop labels for your laser printer

Size:2,5 x 21cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-25210-0

Loop labels with perforation for your laser printer

Size:2,5 x 21cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-25210a-0

Loop labels for your laser printer

Size:4,2 x 29,7 cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-42297-0

Loop labels with perforation for your laser printer

Size:4,2 x 29,7 cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-42297A-0

Loop labels for your laser printer

Size:21 x 29,7 cm
Order No:LO-SLAS-A4-0

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Loop Labels
Loop labels are strips of plastic that can be attached by forming a loop without glue. They are mainly used in industry, in tree nurseries or in horticulture. For example, they can be attached to the branches of trees or shrubs and indicate the type of plant or the price. They can also be easily attached where adhesive labels cannot be attached. The later removal of the labels is also easily possible. Due to the lack of adhesive, there is no risk of annoying adhesive residues on the marked item. The area of use for the labels also has the advantage that it is not dependent on the area of use of an adhesive. Loop labels therefore offer a good alternative to adhesive labels in many situations.

In this category you will find loop labels that you can print with a laser printer. Inscription by hand is of course also possible.

At LabelWonderland you will find a large selection of loop labels. Feel free to look around on our website, you will surely find the loop labels that suit you. If you have any questions or cannot find the label you need, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply use our inquiry form above or our contact details.
Our materials
Permanently adhesive:
Permanent adhesive, withstands all temperature ranges and maintains its adhesive performance despite UV light, salt water, rain and other weather conditions.
Removable Adhesive:
Removable adhesive allows the sticker to be removed without damaging the label or the substrate. The adhesive is still strong enough to keep the label in place.
Repositionable Adhesive:
Reusable and repositionable stickers use an adhesive that is light enough to allow you to reposition the sticker without affecting its adhesion and strong enough to allow the material to adhere without leaving a residue.
Other Materials:
Self-adhesive polyester film, polypropylene, PVC plastic and other self-adhesive materials are also available.

Fluorescent film which appears white in daylight and starts to glow after the light source has gone out.

Polypropylene contains binders and can be bonded to both soft and hard plastic.

Polyvinyl chloride is one of the most commonly used thermoplastic polymers and comes in two broad categories: flexible and rigid.
Flexible PVC is formed by adding compatible plasticizers to PVC that reduce crystallinity. These plasticizers act like lubricants, resulting in a much clearer and more flexible plastic. This type of PVC is sometimes referred to as PVC-P.
Rigid PVC is a stiffer and less expensive plastic with high resistance to external influences such as moisture, weather conditions, chemicals and corrosive environments. This type of PVC is also known as UPVC, PVC-U or u PVC.

Self-adhesive means that one of the two surface sides is covered with a sticky substance like glue, so it sticks. Almost all conventional stickers have this property. They stick best between 12°C and 15°C degrees.

All of our materials are oil resistant, UV resistant, removable, weatherproof, peelable, water and stain resistant, durable, water resistant, self destruct and transfer proof if requested.
Our colors
All the colors you can imagine are available from us. To name a few: white, yellow (HKS3K), red (HKS14K), light blue (HKS50K), light green (HKS67K), orange (HKS8K), pink (HKS21K), light purple (HKS26K), dark purple (HKS34), dark blue ( HKS44K), light blue, dark green (HKS54K), light brown (HKS82K), dark brown (HKS84K), black(HKS88), light gray (HKS91K), dark gray (HKS93K), fluorescent green (Pantone802), fluorescent yellow (Pantone803), fluorescent orange (Pantone811), fluorescent red (Pantone812).
Your wish is our command!
shapes and sizes
Our stickers are available in a variety of shapes and colors. Various common shapes are, for example, the triangle, the rectangle, round or square, as a parallelogram, rhombus, oval, pentagon, hexagon, heptagon or octagon. The maximum size for rectangular stickers is 1.50 m x 3.00 m, for round stickers the maximum size is 1.50 m x 1.50 m.

If the sticker size you require is larger than the usual sizes offered here, we will be happy to discuss your individual requirements over the phone!
How do you attach a sticker?
StickerClean-565555 StickerFix155555
  1. Attach the sticker to a dry, dust-free and grease-free surface.
  2. Peel the decal from the backing paper and stick one corner of the decal to your chosen surface. Then use the straight edge of the sticker to press down the rest of your sticker, essentially unrolling it. The edge will help you apply even pressure to the sticker so that it is evenly distributed and no air bubbles remain underneath.
How to remove a sticker?
  1. Nail polish remover and other solvents are great for removing stubborn stickers and their residue.
  2. Remove the sticker from the surface, starting from the corners.
  3. Use a damp sponge to completely remove any residue.
Also in the range:
  1. Prohibition signs and signs
  2. Covid-19 distance stickers
  3. Warning sticker
  4. Spacer stickers
  5. Dangerous Goods Labeling
  6. Emergency sign
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  8. Component
  9. Fire safety sign
  10. License plates
  11. Glue dots
  12. Office organization
  13. Inventory Labels
  14. GHS Labels
  15. UN danger sign
  16. Traffic signs
  17. Disposal sticker
  18. Organic seal sticker
  19. Island Stickers
  20. Pictograms
  21. Arrows
  22. Quality Control Labels
  23. Red Cross sticker
  24. Do not disturb sticker
  25. Plot
  26. Screenprint
  27. A4 labels
  28. Direct thermal labels
  29. Garden Labels
  30. Holograms
  31. Security Labels
  32. Blank Labels
  33. laminating film
  34. Self-adhesive photo paper
  35. Posters
  36. Magnetic paper
  37. Textile Labels
  38. Curved stickers
  39. Handwritten Labels
  40. Certificates of Authenticity
  41. Laser sticker
  42. Tattoo Stickers
  43. Heat transfer ribbons
  44. Printer
  45. Tickets
  46. Swing tags (hang tags)
  47. Inkjet photo paper
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