Shipping charges
Carrying charge:  We only send insured packets

Destination Package Dimensions Shipping Method Cost
UK Packages til 5kg DHL 7.50 £
Packages til 10kg DHL 9.50 £
Packages til 20kg DHL 13.00 £
Packages til 31,5 kg DHL 19.00 £
Austria,  Belgium,  Germany,  Netherlands,
Luxemburg,  Denmark,  France,
Italy,  Vatican city,
Monaco,  Czech Republic,  Polands, Slovenia
Packages til 5kg DHL 18.00 £
Packages til 10kg DHL 20.50 £
Packages til 20kg DHL 28.50 £
Packages til 31,5 kg DHL 39.50 £
Packages til 0,5 kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 8.00 £
Packages til 1kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 12.00 £
Packages til 2kg : Thinner than 20mm Certified mail 19.00 £
Packages til 5kg Packages international 34.00 £
Packages til 10kg Packages international 37.00 £
Packages til 20kg Packages international 45.00 £
Packages til 31,5kg Packages international 55.00 £

Please ask for postage prices for other countries and islands.
Hand-Writable Labels

Hand-Writable Labels

Hand-Writable Labels Hand-Writable Labels Hand-Writable Labels Hand-Writable Labels
Hand-Writable Labels Hand-Writable Labels

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Mark with unprinted, self-inscribable labels individually according to your wishes. You can easily write on labels on the side from EtikettenWorld with a highlighter, printer, felt pen or ballpoint pen, depending on the intended use. You can also use the unprinted labels for colour coding, for example for quality assurance, inventory or other control work.

As a manufacturer with many years of experience, EtikettenWorld offers you a comprehensive range of high-quality labels in your desired size and color. They are optionally available on rolls, on sheets of cut out individually. This covers almost every application. Our labels that can be written on are available as paper or plastic labels for special requirements, such as for outdoor use.

Do you need advice on writable labels? Just give us a call on 0044-(0)1252 597 829. Alternatively, you can also fill out our inquiry form.
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