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Indoor sticker Can be kept indoors for many, many years. Up to 2 years weatherproof for outdoor use.

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In the past, stickers were mainly collected in sticker booklets and diligently exchanged at school. In recent years, stickers have become an absolute trend. Printed stickers are still a classic giveaway and are happy to be distributed along with giveaways at trade fairs and events. But indoor stickers can not only be used for advertising purposes. They can also be used in everyday life, such as name stickers for exercise books, school books or other items, so that they always return to their owner.

Thanks to the long-established and leave the tested quality of TagsStar safely. With us you can have all stickers printed that are suitable for a variety of occasions. Use our online shop and browse through our large selection of premium stickers. The unbeatable price, the free choice of sizes and shapes as well as the many finishing options make indoor stickers particularly attractive.

Would you like to design your own indoor stickers and inspire your customers? There are no limits to what you can want at LabelStar. Have original, high-quality stickers printed cheaply at TafelStar and benefit from our cheap standard shipping.

How to design a good individual sticker:
• Waterproof sticker: Weatherproof materials also have their place indoors: for example, for labeling cosmetic articles or in the food sector, especially with liquids. But also for signs in warehouses and shops that are exposed to water, splashing water and moisture such as cleaning.

• Shape: Here you can choose between classic rectangular formats ( if necessary with rounded corners) or sometimes square, oval or round stickers to attract more attention. These shapes are particularly noticeable for larger stickers.

• Stickers in white, color or transparent: You should first determine what the stickers should be suitable for. White stickers emphasize the print, making them perfect for signage. In contrast, transparent stickers tend to emphasize the content of a product, such as for food or cosmetics.

• Matt or glossy: Matt is functional and elegant, labels with glossy UV varnish you notice at first glance.

• Adhesive: For the stickers there are the variants 'strongly adhesive' or 'removable', depending on whether the Stickers or labels are only used temporarily or have to stick permanently.

Now upload the design for the stickers, order the print and your individual stickers are ready. Alternatively, you can have our graphics team create a design for you at a fixed price. Our team will be happy to assist you.
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