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White A4 sheets

A4 pages of labels. Suitable for Inkjet and Laser Printers.

Available in paper with matt or gloss finishes. We can also supply transparent, gold, silver and plastic labels for outdoor use.

Information: 60g und 70g paper is suitable for Inkjet and Laser printers. 80g is not compatible with Inkjet printers.Further information.


White A4 sheets
White A4 sheets

White A4 labels available here, with a matt or glossy finish and in over 200 different styles Suitbale for Laser and Inkjet printers/copiers.


Coloured A4 sheets
Coloured A4 sheets

Coloured A4 labels available here, with a matt or glossy finish in over 200 different styles Suitable for your Laser and Inkjet printers/copiers.


White A5 labels
White A5 labels

White A5 labels and other special formats available here. Suitable for your Laser and Inkjet printers/copiers.


White A6 labels
White A6 labels

Label sheets in DIN-A6 format for your copier, inkjet or laser printer are available here.


Customised A4 labels
Customised A4 labels

For customised A4 labels please ask us. We will produce labels to your required cut, size and colour.


more products for use for ink- and laserprinter

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Labels can be used in almost any area where it is important to keep an overview. They are suitable for office organization, labeling of laboratory samples, property labeling, addressing parcels and much more.

At TagsStar you probably have the largest assortment of self-adhesive labels and extraordinary additional products. Between numerous different shapes, sizes and individual design options, you are guaranteed to find a suitable label that meets your requirements. Choose the appropriate labels for self-printing from our extensive range between different formats. From rectangular to round, from small stickers to large folder labels, you will find it here. No matter what you want to stick on. You can design the labels yourself and print them free of charge. Our graphic design office accompanies you step by step from your idea in the head to the finished label. Design adhesive lettering according to your wishes with our sticker designer. The free-standing label inscriptions from LabelStar cut out of foil are weatherproof and durable for years. They are suitable, for example, as vehicle lettering, shop window lettering, wall stickers, boat lettering, warning of danger, advertising lettering, as name stickers and much more. Practical for labeling all smooth surfaces on which normal stickers stick.

Many customers have already been able to convince themselves of the quality of our stickers. All stickers and labels are made in high quality. Choose from many colors and fonts. Anyone who has more unusual wishes than a lettering can also contact us.
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